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10 Tips for optimizing social media marketing strategy

10 Tips for optimizing social media marketing strategy

It has been an ongoing challenge to stand out from all the new businesses’ social media marketing strategies we see every day. With all the tools and our current exposure, creativity became easy to access for everyone. But we are here for you to arm you with the essential tips and tricks to master optimizing your social media marketing strategy and always be on top of the challenge.

We’ve compiled ten marketing strategies for expanding your audience, boosting user engagement, and increasing your sales.

Let us preface the meat of the matter by clarifying why you really need to do this.

In order to increase your social media success (in terms of new followers, interactions with those followers, clicks, and conversions), you need to optimize your social media postings and marketing strategies.

Social media optimization for business purposes can be done using a number of different marketing strategies and methods that range in complexity and depth.

There are little adjustments that have a big impact, such as making a compelling question in the post’s text or using a more eye-catching image.

The most important 10 Tips for optimizing your social media marketing strategy:

social media marketing strategy

  1. Figure Out Who You’re Talking To, Then Choose Your Social Media Platforms

The first step in planning your marketing strategy is to know that communities with a wide range of shared interests may be found throughout the internet’s many platforms. Understanding the inner workings of the internet and the preferences of your ideal customer (buyer persona) is essential before launching a successful online business. Asking yourself the following questions may help you streamline your approach:

  • Where do they fall on the age spectrum?
  • What exactly do they do for a living?
  • Where can I best display my products to attract customers?
  • Do they use it themselves or recommend it to their business owners ?
  • What information do they want about my services?
  • Do they need me to teach them something?
  • Is an immediate purchase planned, or will they first analyze demand?
  • When would you say is the most appropriate moment to talk to them?
  • Should I set up a sales/support group to approach them?

Each social media platform has its own “special attribute” that may significantly affect how your business is seen by the public.

Having a destination in mind can help you determine the steps you need to take to get there.

  1. Be sure your profiles are fully covered

When planning a marketing strategy, our second piece of advice is to fill out all of your social media profile pages. This is a must if you want to get the most out of your social media profiles. And the simple procedures for doing so are outlined here:

To improve your profile, please upload a high-quality photo.

The reputation of your company is essential. As a result, a high-quality profile photo is essential for people to identify you. For commercial purposes, a logo is a wise idea.

Introduce Yourself and Your Work to the World

Who are you as a business, exactly? What exactly do you sell or provide?

Let others get to know you by providing details about yourself in your profile. Fill in your contact information, company background, and other relevant facts.

Add Relevant Keywords

Do some keyword analysis and include the most successful terms in your profile so that people can discover you with ease. Your visibility will improve in this way.

Put in Your Address

Sharing your store’s physical location helps local customers locate your goods and services. By doing so, you increase your chances of showing up in search results for people in your area. It’s been given Google’s stamp of approval.

Schedule Your Business Hours

There are no more crucial, but often ignored, details than these. When you announce your store’s hours, your customers will know exactly when to expect a response to their private messages.

  1. Use Your Social Media Advertising Wisely

In recent years, organic social media content reach and engagement have steadily decreased. The survey also found that the engagement rate for Facebook postings dropped by 20%.

If you want to soften the blow of dwindling organic reach and engagement, investing in social media marketing is necessary.

Advertisements on social media should target one of three distinct demographics:

  • Basic Subscriber base
  • Targeted Audience base
  • Similar Audience base

The aforementioned classification will aid you in pinpointing your audience’s passion points.

  1. Make sure the content you put out is beneficial and addresses the issues faced by your audience

Your social media marketing efforts will not succeed without quality content. Because of this, people will be interested in hearing more from you. When something helps them out, people are really fond of it. To that end, you shouldn’t restrict the content you produce or curate to simple advertisements.

In addition, they should serve to assist your followers in resolving a problem they are facing.

Here are some suggestions:


People adore them because they are educational, fun to look at, and easy to spread.

Emotional posts

This is why content that appeals to people’s emotions tends to go viral.

Media coverage

An additional successful social media tactic is the dissemination of news. Most people like being up-to-date on current events.

  1. Create Eye-Catching Headlines

Your headline is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not your audience will read the rest of your post.

Here are some suggestions.

Put the Numbers First

It has been found that headlines that began with numbers were the most effective in grabbing readers’ attention. As we started this article with “10 Tips for Optimizing Your Social Media Marketing Strategy,” this is an excellent example.

Negativity is OK; Don’t Be Afraid to Use It

Negative words, such as “worst” and “never,” may sometimes be more effective than their positive counterparts. So, it’s possible that posts with warnings like “3 Things You Should Never Do on Social Media” might get greater attention.

  1. Increase the use of influencer marketing/campaigns

Influencer marketing campaigns may be organized via partnerships with well-known people and local influencers on social media.

The only thing you need to think about when planning an influencer campaign is finding someone who is a good fit for your business and its values.

  1. Creation of a cohesive community

People no longer confine their searches to only search engines; instead, they join specialized communities inside their preferred social network sites to delve further into topics that pique their interest.

Building an online community of individuals who are willing to discuss your business publicly is essential if you want to get the most out of your marketing efforts.

To succeed in today’s market, brands need to take a more human approach. Humans like to interact with other humans, not robots. Connecting with your audience requires real-world dialogue. The tone and voice of your company are the distinguishing characteristics that set it apart as a brand.

Make an effort to connect with your audience on an emotional level by developing a brand that provides material with a human touch.

  1. Optimize Your Postings Most Effectively

One of the reasons why you may not be seeing results while producing high-quality content might be the frequency with which you are doing it. In order to reach your target audience, you should publish during times when they are most likely to be online.

To a certain extent, this will vary across brands. Also, it may vary depending on the platform used. To get the most accurate results, try a variety of timings and compare the outcomes.

  1. Track Your Performance

If you want to know whether your social media profiles are optimized, you have to monitor your results. Examine the level of participation you’re receiving. Before making any adjustments to your plan, keep track of the number of times your article was shared, the number of comments your post got, the number of likes, etc.

Your success or failure will depend on the techniques and approaches you use, and this will assist you in sorting through them. In each of these areas, eClincher’s analytics will be of great assistance.

When you have access to reliable data, you can make more informed choices and improve the performance of your social media profiles.

I’m curious as to what kinds of social media optimization methods you’ve attempted and which ones were most successful for your company. Leave a comment and tell us about your experience.

  1. Be Sure You Make Use of a Marketing Automation System

Your social media marketing strategy is almost ready to go out. Do you plan on doing everything by hand, or will you be using some kind of automated marketing software? Businesses use HubSpot and other marketing automation software to plan posts and run whole social media campaigns, including brand monitoring, conversations, post interaction, and even ads. HubSpot is a great choice because it brings together all of your data and gives you options for what to do after someone converts, like starting an email nurturing sequence.


If you want more social media traffic, have you tried any of these strategies? If not, then you should give them a go and see how they serve you. If used properly, social media can be a vital tool for expanding your company’s reach.

You may boost traffic to your website and sales by optimizing your profiles and using the proper strategies. Examine the options we provided and implement the ones that are most useful to you. With little work, you can increase your social media traffic and, hence, your revenue.

Are you looking for ways to improve your social media marketing strategy? We can help! Our team of experts has years of experience in helping businesses of all sizes reach their target audiences on social media. Contact us today to learn more!


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