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10 Popular Types of Outdoor Advertising You Should Know About

10 Popular Types of Outdoor Advertising You Should Know About

Outdoor advertising or the out-of-home ooh outdoor advertising , has become an essential part of marketing campaigns. With innovative options and strategic placements, brands can effectively target audiences even when they are on-the-go.

In the following lines, you will read about popular outdoor advertising types.

Outdoor Advertising Importance

Outdoor Advertising Importance

Outdoor advertising plays an important role in integrated marketing campaigns due to its unparalleled ability to reach on-the-go consumers when they are outside of their homes.

Unlike digital ads or television commercials, outdoor ads engage audiences in the public arena and real world through eye-catching signage and displays.

Strategically positioned outdoor ads on a billboard, transit lines, street furniture, petrol pumps, and bridges make brands unavoidable. This drives increased brand awareness and recall.

Outdoor ads of different types also effectively support campaigns across other media channels.

With national and localized presence, outdoor advertising affords the scope to bolster brand visibility, reinforce messaging, drive website traffic, boost footfalls and increase conversions.

Popular Types of Outdoor Advertising

Popular Types of Outdoor Advertising

While the medium has evolved technologically with digital billboard types and experiential marketing, traditional signage continues enabling brands to uniquely showcase products creatively within environments relevant to their usage outdoor advertising banners.

Hence, brands looking to expand their sphere of influence continue to leverage outdoor advertising.

If executed correctly, an outdoor advertising campaign can deliver strong brand awareness, increase foot traffic, and boost conversions. Here are 10 of the most popular forms of outdoor advertising used today:

1- Billboards and Types

Billboard different types are highly visible large digital media format displays located along busy roads, any street and highways. They typically range from 14 feet by 48 feet to 10 feet by 36 feet in size.

Billboard Types

Billboards stand out as a crucial element in outdoor advertising, offering broad exposure across diverse locations.

Here’s a breakdown of the different types of billboards used in modern advertising:

– Traditional Billboards:

These are the most commonly seen billboards, featuring large, static displays.

Located alongside highways and urban streets, they are designed for long-term exposure to passing traffic.

– Digital Billboards:

Equipped with LED technology, digital billboards offer dynamic and changeable content.

Ideal for time-sensitive outdoor ads, these billboards can be updated remotely and provide flexibility in content presentation.

– Mobile Billboards:

Mounted on trucks or trailers, mobile billboards bring the advertisement to different locations.

This mobility allows advertisers to target specific audiences or areas, making them effective for localized campaigns.

– Three-Dimensional Billboards:

Adding an extra layer of depth, 3D billboards create more engaging and interactive advertisements.

This type of billboard often captures more attention and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

– Eco-Friendly Billboards:

Reflecting a commitment to sustainability, eco-friendly billboards use sustainable materials and may incorporate solar energy.

They represent an environmentally responsible approach in the advertising industry.

Benefits of Billboards

Each type offers unique advantages, allowing advertisers to choose the most suitable option to effectively convey their message and reach their target audience.

Key benefits of billboards types include 24/7 exposure, flexibility in graphic design, and scalable reach based on the billboard types location.

2- Transit Advertising

It appears on the inside or outside of public vehicles, the type is like buses, trains, taxis and ferries. Forms include wrap advertisements covering the entire vehicle exterior to interior posters and there is smaller ads type.

Transit ads allow brands to target commuters and capture audience attention during wait times.

3- Street Furniture

This term refers to advertising on public structures and amenities like bus shelters, newsstands, bicycle racks and trash bins located along sidewalks. Street furniture displays are a great way to reach pedestrians in the metro area.

4- Petrol Pump Advertising

Petrol pump ads place brand ads on gas station pumps and canopy edges. Drivers often spend 3-5 minutes fueling at petrol stations, providing an opportunity to engage them with on-pump video ads and poster signage.

5- Mall Advertising

Shopping malls are primed environments to showcase brand ads through product displays, booth marketing, hanging banners, advertisements in directories, posters across corridors and more.

Mall ads can effectively influence purchasing decisions.

6- Taxi Advertising

Taxis feature exterior and interior advertising across cab doors, rooftops, trunks and the back of seats.

Taxi ads essentially target locals across key landmark routes enabling exposure to thousands daily.

7- Vehicle Wraps

Wrapping graphics or partial graphics on vehicles makes them into moving billboards to generate awareness on the go.

Vehicle wraps work well for brands looking for outdoor exposure across metro cities and tier 2 markets.

8- Coffee Shop Advertising

Coffee shops have evolved into networking and co-working hubs making them ideal avenues for contextual branding.

Options include posters, tabletop advertising, cup sleeve ads, branded napkins and more.

9- Elevator Advertising

Elevator advertising incorporates poster displays, overhead ceiling displays, 3D holographic images and video screens inside elevators mainly in offices, hotels, hospitals and apartment buildings.

The captive audience presents an opportunity to engage target groups.

10- Restroom Advertising

Washroom advertising is gaining traction with options like posters above urinals and on stall doors, floor and mirror stickers, and even audio ads. The captive audiences deliver impressions and recall.


There you have it, 10 used outdoor advertising formats that includes billboards, transit banner, street signs types, petrol pumps posts, malls flags, shops bulletins, benches posters and more common display types.

Evaluating reach, exposure periods and relevance to target audience can help determine optimal outdoors mediums for your campaigns. With strategic placement and messaging, outdoor advertising delivers lasting impact.

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  1. Superb article on the diverse spectrum of outdoor advertising! The clear breakdown of each type, from billboards to coffee shop ads, offers a broad perspective on how brands can creatively engage with their audience outside the digital realm. Your insights into the strategic placement and benefits of these advertising mediums are invaluable for marketers looking to expand their reach. Thanks for such a well-rounded and informative piece!